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Simplicity 2258

January 20, 2015

So before Christmas I bought some Japanese Lawn cotton from Spotlight. I’ve wanted to buy some of the Tana Lawn by Liberty of London for a long, long time; but wanted to make something out of a less expensive version of lawn fabric first. Spotlight have some nice designs in their Japanese Lawn fabric so I thought I would pick some up. I pretty much know what I wanted to make with it as soon as I saw it – a skirt or shorts. I decided to go with shorts because they are more practical to wear around the house/to bed. As I haven’t sewn anything for myself in a while I wanted to sew something quick and easy that would require little to no modifications and I would get some use out of.


 Simplicity 2258

Since stocking up on sewing patterns in the middle of last year, I decided I needed to shop my stash for a pattern instead of buying a pattern. I decided to go with Simplicity 2258, view E. These are a simple short pattern with pockets and an elasticised waist. Perfect for a pair of lazy shorts. I modified the pattern to exclude the tabs on the sides on the shorts, but kept everything else the same.


Simplicity 2258

I traced the pattern first onto Burda pattern tracing paper that I picked up from Lincraft a while ago for about $3-5 per packet. A packet of this tracing paper will last you a while too! I used about half a sheet for these pattern pieces and there is 5 sheets per packet. I like to trace my pattern pieces to help preserve the original pattern so I can go back and make different sizes when needed and it is easier to make any adjustments straight onto the pattern.

Simplicity 2258

One modification I would make in the future if I were to make these shorts again from a similar weight material is to interfacing the pocket opening. The pattern doesn’t call for it and if you are making any of the garments from this pattern with a mid weight fabric you probably wouldn’t need to interface the pocket opening, but I would suggest cutting a 1 inch strip of fusible interfacing for the pocket opening to help prevent any stretching of the opening when using a light weight fabric.

Simplicity 2258

Overall, the shorts turned out well. I construct a lot of sewing patterns for looking mostly at the pictures/diagrams for each step instead of reading the instructions as I have a bit more experience sewing, but I found the instructions sufficient when I wanted to clarify a step. They fit well and have a simple shape so I think this pattern would be good for a sewing beginner as there isn’t anything too difficult in the pattern. A bonus is that it doesn’t take too long to sew up, even with over locking and pressing seams as you go.

What quick and easy patterns do you like to sew?

Paula 🙂

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