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Stitches and Craft Show

August 12, 2009

I’m excited!

Just over a week till the Stitches and Craft Show hits Sydney. I haven’t been to the Stitches and Craft Show before, but after checking the website out half a dozen times, it looks fabulous! And dare I say, better than other craft shows I’ve been to before. But we will have to wait till I go before I can say that with certainty. I’m planning two days there (Friday and Saturday) and it’s looks like it will be two full on days – of craft, shopping, workshops and talks. I cannot wait!

One thing I’m particularly looking forward to, is seeing the documentary Handmade Nation. For those who do not know what Handmade Nation is about, it is a documentary about the indie craft/DIY uprising in America and how handmade is better. I would encourage those who intend to go the show, to see this documentary!

I’ll post a full update after I’ve been detailling all the crafty goodness of the show!

Now back to uni work…

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