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August 7, 2009

I’m back at uni now. Have been for two weeks now. I’m only there two days, which is both good and bad. The good side is that there is less money being spent on travel, the bad side I think outways the good. I only get to see my friends 2 days w week and with everything being so squashed into two days, I have less motivation to do my uni work and assignments at home. Even when a deadline is looming. When uni was a bit more spaced out I was able to motivate myself a bit more. Now, its like uni’s over for the week – let’s bludge. And the stubborn part of me is struggling to change that. I want to be motivated, but it’s hard. And I largely blame Stephenie Meyer for that! I’ve really gotten into the Twilight saga and can’t stop reading the books. Which is a big effort for me. I’ve never really been a big reader, but there is something about the books that I love. And can’t wait to finish one so I can pick up another. In two, maybe three days I’ve read a quarter of Eclipse (I think that is a lot for me!). Damn it – all I wanted to do was have New Moon finished by the time the movie came out. When I started New Moon, I thought even asking that was a bit much to expect considering how long it took me to get through Twilight (I now suspect that was due to having seen the movie first, I knew what was going to happen).

Well, I breezed through New Moon pretty quickly and as soon as I had finished New Moon, I begun Eclipse, even though I had to get up early the next day. Grrrr. As much as I love reading now, I almost wish I hadn’t begun. All my time is being consumed by it (not litterally, but you now what I mean). It’s almost frustrating. I know I should be good and do my assignments first, but I’ve been telling myself  “after I finish the chapter”…….

And my crafting life has suffered too! I haven’t been knitting as much as I had before reading and I wanted to make a simple book covered for a folder I bought to store my circular needles in and haven’t gotten around to that either!  But I am really looking forward to the Stitches and Craft Show in twoo weeks time :D. I’m looking forward to picking up some new patterns and seeing the Handmade Nation documentary. Plus it will be the first Stitches and craft show I’ve been to, so I just looking forward to enjoying it in general!

Now before I leave you and force myself to make a decent start on my assignment I’ll leave you with a picture.

I know, totally unrelated, but adorable none-the-less!

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