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Yay! It’s almost over!

May 21, 2009

Woot-woot! Uni is almost over for the semester! Yay! I hand in my textiles major work (the life sucker!) in tomorrow (after I finish the folio) and then I do not have to go into uni for 9 WEEKS!!! That means 4 weeks holiday, 3 weeks placement and then another 2 weeks holiday! I am so looking forward to sleep 8 hours of more a few nights in a row – which will be very rejuvenating.

I hear you ask what are my plans for these holidays. Well, obviously there will be a bit of work in there. But after that there will be getting ready for my placement, hanging out with friends and plenty of crafting 🙂

I dont intend to buy any crafting supplies these holidays. Need to conserve funds in the current financial climate. Plus, I have an entire room full of crafting supplies. I would like to use some of them up to help declutter the room a little. But that is a mammoth task and may require more than 6 weeks of crafting to occur!   But to atleast make a start here are the crafting tasks I intended to undertake in my break:

  • Continue to knit and hopefully finish a few UFO.
  • Make a start on my first bed quilt. Don’t know how far I will get with this one though. My major work was a quilted wall hanging and my machine is in dire need of a service, which is not high on my list of priorities atm.
  • Embroider some baby onesie’s  using some Sublime Stitching patterns.

And to finish off today’s post, I have been seeing an increase of craft related tattoos. I think these are totally awesome and thought I would pay hommage to one of my fave’s!  Here is theloneknitta’s tattto:

Now it’s back to finish my folio for my major work…

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