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Hmm, let me try this new way of knitting…

March 12, 2009

I really do need to try a new way of knitting. And no, I’m not talking about technique. I liken it to a new way of living, setting down some new rules to make things better. See, I have a bad habit of starting knitting projects, but not finishing them. I largely put that down to the fact that I’m not a very patient person when it comes to knitting. I get all excited about a yarn or pattern and start it eagerly, but when I start to repeat the pattern over and over, I tend to move onto another project. This needs to stop! Not only is my stash expanding rapidly, but so is my project shelf.

So my plan in order to help this situation is to establish a new way of knitting – and try my very hardest to stick to it this time. Many of these rules I’m sure I have mentioned before. You could probably find them in another post on this page if you felt like it. My hopes are that these rules/new way of knitting will help banish bad habits, and put in place new ones, better ones. So, without any further hesitation, here any my new rules for knitting:

  • If you get sick of a project, don’t put it down and start a new one. Put it down and pick up another project that needs to be finished. Projects will get finished quicker that way!
  • Use yarn you already have. You obviously bought it because you liked it.  So find a pattern for it and start knitting. If you dont like it anymore, get rid of it.
  • Avoid impulse buying. If you see something that you really like. Note down where you saw it, the price etc and then walk away. Go home, see if there is a pattern that it could be used for, see if you really need it and see if you have something like it already. If, after all this you still really like it, then maybe you should go buy it.

Now, let the new way of knitting begin!

Hopefully this image will help me to become more patient

Hopefully this image will help me to become more patient

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