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March 12, 2009

So Craftfest was on the weekend. It was a very good day 😀 We arrived at The Dome at Sydney Olypmic Park around 10am and there was a big queue waiting to go in. We bought out tickets and headed inside. The first few hours were a bite too crowded, but we survived. Had a look around at the stalls too see what there was available. I noticed a few of the same stalls from The Quilt and Craft Fair from last year, but I liked those stalls, so it was all good. After lunch we watched this patternmaking demonstration. It was amazing! It was more custom fit patterns than patternmaking, but I believe once you know how patterns are made, you can adjust them easily to suit what you want. It was fabulous! I would have bought the system then and there.

Anyway, I did dome shopping too. I didn’t spend too much. I bought a jelly roll, some fabric (some really pretty fabric!), some nice lace and one skein of yarn. And here is a picture of the pretty colours!

Anyways, I really need to go get some uni work done!

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