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Craftfest this weekend…

March 5, 2009

Craftfest is on this weekend in Sydney and I will be checking it out with a uni friend and my sister, hopefully not spending too much money. That might be a possibility because I don’t feel like I actually need that much and have been pretty good at resisting the urge to buy spontaneously lately! Maybe this economic climate is rubbing off on me! But I have set aside some money to spend on whatever my heart desires! I’m hoping to get a nice hand dyed and spun aran weight yarn for the “My So-Called Scarf” – something with lots of colour changes would be really nice, so I’ll see what I can find. And I’m saying a bg no to sock yarns! I still have a heap in my stash. Most are plain colours, but I might over dye them if i feel I need to vary the colour.

As for other crafting supplies, I have no idea what I will get. Maybe a jelly roll. I want to make a quilt for myself in my break between semesters later this year, so that will definitely come in handy. And I might get some fat 1/4’s if they appeal to me. But I am excited to see what there is at Craftfest as it is a new craft show. I will update you with how the show was and my purchases!

Anyways, I’m off now. No picture today to brighten up the page.

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