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New Years Resolution….

January 17, 2009

It took me 17 days into 2009 to realise that I really should make some resolutions and try and keep them this year. I usually don’t make New Years Resolutions, mainly because I never keep them – but I feel that these are really important and worth keeping.

So here are my New Years Resolutions for 2009:
* To knit from my stash
* To sew from my stash
* To give away/sell some of my stash
* To loose some weight – I’d be glad if I loose 5kgs, but even happier if I lost more. Anything to indicate that my fitness and health have improved.
* To get more sleep. My aim by the end of the year will be to get at least 8 hours of sleep most nights of the week.

Now I will try and keep you updated throughout the year to show the progress that I will make. I’ll post photos of things I make from my stash, tell you how much weight I’ve lost, if I get rid of any of my stash and if I get enough sleep in a week! So, wish me luck – I may just need it!

And here is a photo from a recent day trip to Sydney – it’s of the Harbour Bridge taken from near the Sydney Opera House just before a storm. Enjoy!

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