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Rain, rain go away….when I want to go out for a walk!

December 10, 2008

The rain has it out for me I swear! The last few times i’ve wanted to go out for a walk as a bit of exercise, it decides to rain of me. I decided that it was only raining very lightly today so I would brave it,but no, I got five minutes away from home and the rain gets much heavier. Not happy.

Anyway, I’ve had a busy two weeks with work, my birthday party (which went well), christmas shopping and well, just enjoying life. I’m almost finished my Christmas shopping. Well, I’ve probably done only about half, but it feels like I have done more! I just wish I knew what we we’re doing in our group (well, if you can call us a group anymore…it’s complicated). We usually do secret santa, but who knows what we’re gonna do this year. But I will find out tomorrow!

But anyway, I found this really enjoyable video, so I urge you to watch it!

Hip Hip Violin And DJFunny home videos are a click away

Well, until next time!

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