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I love weekends when I can sleep in and relax….

November 22, 2008

Like today! I was able to sleep in, catch up on some quality TV viewing, do a bit of shopping and a bit of knitting. My Branching Out scarf is coming along slowly but nicely and I only have 3 legs left of my sisters elephant before it’s finished! As the elephant’s are quick and easy to make, I think I will do the pattern in 2 more colours before Xmas as part of her present. I’m also hoping to have the scarf finished by the end of the year so I can start on the knitting for my textiles major work and get the majority out of the way before I go back next year.

I’m also pretty happy that I have a pretty good idea of what to get each person of my family for Christmas. It’s usually a last minute forced decision for their presents, but I can start a bit earlier this year and get them what they really want. But I still gotta figure out what to get my friend’s once we choose our secret santa’s!

Well, I’m off for the night. I will leave you with this lovely picture of the nice blue ocean – somewhere I wish I was right now. The weather is not being nice at the moment, going from hot to rainy to being cold (like it is now) I wish the weather would figure itself out!


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