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The year is almost over!

November 17, 2008

Yay! The year is almost over which means in two weeks I will be finished all things uni related for almost three months and I’ll be free to do what I want!

Looking back at the year, I bought a s#!tload of yarn and fabric/craft related stuff that I have yet to use and wonder if I ever will. So I need to resist the urge to buy new fabric/yarn/craft stuff and use what I already have. It’s gonna be tough, but I know I can do it! So that is challenge number one…

Now onto challenge number two…
I would say that I have put on 5 to 10 kilos over the past year. Something that I’m quite frankly ashamed of. So the challenge is to get rid of it. And then lose at least another 5 kilos after that. So yes, that is 15 kilos in total. I’m not going to set a short time frame because I don’t want to fail this so my time frame to lose this 15 kilos is one year. So by next November I will 15 kilos lighter, a lot healthier and a lot fitter. I will be able to fit into some cute clothes that I no longer fit into and buy new clothes that I have never been able to wear before.

And how will I achieve this? Well, there is eating healthier. Must resist the urge to buy chocolate, chips etc when going food shopping. Cooking meals to take to work for lunch and dinner that have less pasta and rice and more vegetables (even if they do come from the frozen section of the supermarket). Also I will need to cook less meat to put in there, choose leaner cuts of meat and have smaller portions. That should help (lets hope so!)

Now to the exercise – I have been walking a little bit lately. I know one route that takes about 25 minutes at a brisk pace (for me at least). I’m wanting to extend that to 30 minutes soon and keep increasing it by five minutes as it gets easier till I get to 40 minutes. This should also help.

So let’s get started.
Starting weight is: 75 kilos.
Next weigh in : 2 weeks

Hopefully this will be the start of something good.

I will now leave you with a photo from my trip to Canberra 🙂


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