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My first Addi needles!

July 5, 2008

Yesterday I got my first Addi circular needles! Everyone seems to be raving about how good they are and when I went into my LYS to look for some 2.5mm DPN, the very helpful lady suggested I try using 2 sets of circular needles instead – she even sent me a link on how it all works. They did have 2.5mm DPN, but only in bamboo, and I don’t like knitting with wooden needles so I wasn’t very keen on using them. And what turned me off even more was that they were more expensive than the Addi needles (I paid $11.95 for Addi – the Clover bamboo needles were $15.95).

The reason why I wanted the 2.5mm DPN’s was because I am knitting my first pair of socks using the magic loop technique and am really quite scared that I will stuff up the heel flap, gusset etc when it comes time to do so. So hopefully this will work **fingerscrossed**

In other news, I got my uni semester reults yesterday – and I got 3 credits and a distinction! I was so glad that I didn’t fail anything because I really thought I might. But yay!!!!

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