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Update on whats been going on…..

February 9, 2008

So it has been months since I last posted here. I’m hopeless, I know! Whilst there will be no pictures in this post (they might come soon), they will endless ramblings! So let’s begin…

… Last week I decided it was time to move my yarn into a new home, as many of the balls were still in the shopping bags they had come in. I went out and bought a new container (one of the flexible toy containers). I got it home (along with some new yarn…oops)and began to transfer over the balls of yarn. Not only did my yarn almost fill the new home all the way, I discovered that I have a lot of yarn I have no idea why I bought it. So I have decided it can go to a cause where it is needed. I’ve begun knitting 10″x10″ squares for wrapped with love. A charity that sends wraps to 3rd world countries. I thought this would be a good way to get rid of unwanted yarn. Progress will be slow because I go back to uni in a weeks time, but I will make progress!

Onto the next topic of business, Spotlight had a massive yarn sale over the holidays. Of course I couldn’t help myself when all the summer yarn was on sale for $1 per ball! I bought about $20-$25 worth of yarn, some of which I will be using to teach myself crochet with.

And as for the baby blanket I was knitting… Well, seeing as the bub it was intended for is know a month old and there is no chance of it being finished in time for winter, I will now be knitting it for another friend who I just found out is pregnant! Hopefully it will be finished in time!

So there are my ramblings for today…

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